A Feminist Defense of Steven Moffat

featured imageSteven Moffat is probably the best feminist writer on television today.

The women he writes are brilliant, complicated, sexy, cool, and interesting. They are strong in the ways that matter: they are both kickass and vulnerable, they save others and are saved.

They are involved in stories of tragedy and triumph, of loss and adventure.

And to find out more, I’m going to have to send you off to my article on another site:

A Feminist Defense of Steven Moffat

Fell free to fight with me in the comments, here or there!


4 thoughts on “A Feminist Defense of Steven Moffat

  1. I have to admit this has changed the way I think about Moffat’s writing. I am a big fan of Doctor Who and Sherlock, and I was initially in the “his female characters are a bit flat” camp. I still think that some of his writing is flawed, but as you pointed out he is writing exceptionally well rounded women for the genre. Only quibble – Bechdel test is two named female characters and I think it has at least been talked about changing it so the conversation (in the entire thing) lasts longer than a minute.

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