Can we please talk about Clara Oswin Oswald? Cause I’m a good guesser: are you?

Let’s Talk About Clara Oswin Oswald

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Something’s been bugging me for a while about this show. Has anyone else noticed that the Doctor and Clara are touching each other all the time? Seriously, it’s like they have no personal bubbles. They just grab hands on instinct: I was beginning to wonder if the actors were sleeping together or something! But then I realized that there are some paraellels with a past companion, paraellels so freaking close they’re almost copies:

“I was born to save the doctor.”–Clara

“I want you safe. My doctor.”–Rose

“Everything must come to dust. All things. Everything dies.”–Rose

“Everything ends.” –Clara

Now, let’s compare some shots:


the end of the world

Both those were taken from “the first companion adventure in the TARDIS” episode. No way is that an accident–those are iconic.

Here’s a bunch of smaller things linking Rose and Clara:

They both say “ghostbusters!” (only companions to say it).

They are the only two companions to ride on a motorbike behind the Doctor.

The well documented name of Clara’s workplace in “The Snowmen”: The Rose and Crown

So, we know the parallels are so freaking obvious the writers are practically cheating.

Now, let’s bring this information to the BBC trailer for “The Name of the Doctor”

Remember this line? “I am the bad wolf. I create myself.”

So, here’s what’s gonna happen. Clara is going to create herself. She’s going to dive into the time vortex and scatter herself across space and time. She’s going to live again and again, and she’s going to save the Doctor because no one else can.

Clara becomes bad wolf

Clara is the boss. Clara makes the decisions about when to go with the Doctor, who to bring with, and where the limits of their relationship go. As she says in the prequel, “The trick is: Don’t fall in love.”

But she really, really obviously has. Big time. Just like Rose did. Rose decided that saving the Doctor was worth her life.

But it’s not going to cost Clara her life. In fact, she’s going to get so much living crammed in, she won’t know what to do with it.

I just really hope we don’t have to deal with constant Clara-memory-erase, because that would get boring fast, I’m just saying.

Respectfully disagree? Think I”m just wrong? Argue with me! I can take it!

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9 thoughts on “Can we please talk about Clara Oswin Oswald? Cause I’m a good guesser: are you?

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  3. This is the first time I’ve seen that preview. I’m a little weirded out by Clara when she says “I was born to save the Doctor.” I don’t understand what that’s going to mean and I get a bad feeling when I try to puzzle it out. Does Doctor Who really do fate?

    Anyway, I am a diehard Ten and Rose shipper. I would love to think Rose had something to do with Clara’s multiple selves. There’s a lovely vague line in The Bells of St. John about the woman in the shop giving Clara the help line number. You bring up a lot of possibly Rose related coincidences (My favorite that you forgot: Cold War featured the song Hungry Like the Wolf.)

    However, like you said, Rose did the whole absorb the time vortex thing. Even if it was somehow changed around for Clara, we’ve done that already. We need something new, not a remake of an old companion. I think everything you’ve mentioned are just coincidences, or possibly references to the 50th (one can hope, anyway!). Also, I’ve gotten the feeling from Steven Moffat interviews that he doesn’t like Rose. Since the beginning of Eleven, I feel like the Doctor has pretty much cut ties with his previous regenerations. I’d be confused if things suddenly changed and we were faced with an adventure similar to something that happened 300 years ago for the Doctor.

    Also I really don’t understand how readily you accept that Clara is in love with the Doctor. Ok, so they flirt with each other during The Snowmen, and through Bells of St John. Then, nothing. Then Clara admits it during the prequel. Maybe I’m just too overly annoyed with her lack of character development or the plot development this side of the Ponds, but really, I see no evidence of Clara being in love with the Doctor. I mean, when? We never saw it happening. That’s where Clara’s very different from Rose. We as the audience saw Rose and the Doctor falling in love…by the end, they were basically the same person, they had spent so much time together.

    • Thank you so much for all the feedback! I’m gonna do a paragraph at a time, so forgive me if I repeat myself 🙂

      I actually agree with you that Doctor Who doesn’t do fate. Remember the prequel to “The Bells of St. John,” when the Doctor says he couldn’t find Clara anywhere, so he thought if he just sat down and waited maybe he’d bump into her again, “like destiny.” And then Clara told him that was rubbish. What I theorize (haven’t seen the ep) is that they’re going to take a cue from Rose’s “I am the Bad Wolf: I create myself.” I think Clara’s going to jump into the vortex and turn into fate’s puppetmaster.

      As far as the Rose/Clara parallels go, I don’t think they’re really cheating (I was just annoyed), but I think the parallels they’ve painted aren’t all coincidence. That said, I don’t think Rose herself had anything to do with Clara. I think the subtle parallels to Rose are there as hints to the answer to Clara’s mystery. You’re right that the Doctor has cut ties with past regens: but the clues seem to suggest a new spin on the Rose season 1 story. Or not, we’ll see!

      I do think they’ve been slowly building a romance between Clara and the Doctor. It’s suffered from the strict-stand-alone format the same way Clara’s entire plot has, but it is definitely there. I agree that the Doctor’s feelings for Clara are much more obvious than Clara’s feelings for him, but I think that’s because, like Clara says in the prequel “the trick is: don’t fall in love. I do that trick quite a lot, sometimes twice a day.” Why would she be doing that trick quite a lot–only if she was tempted to fall.
      And if you go back through the episodes, there’s visible change over time in the relationship (mostly due to the actors, not the writing–stand alone thing again). They slowly get more physical, they seem more intimate with each other, and the overall vibe just changes until that scene in “The Last Cyberman”–the near-kiss-slap scene–made sense in the narrative.

      Thanks again for reading!

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