Clara Oswald=Bad Wolf


A long time ago, Rose Tyler said “I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them, in time and space.A message, to lead myself here.”


The words appeared constantly over the course of that season, in odd places without any apparent pattern.

Sound familiar?

That’s what’s happening to Clara. Clara, like bad wolf, pops up in random places through time and space. She can’t be tracked down, only stumbled across. Her meaning is unclear, her origins almost magical. She has an independent existence of the Doctor: it’s entirely possible that there are dozens of Claras out there who are born, live, and die without ever meeting the Doctor.

How could Clara have been scattered by bad wolf? Well, whatever it is that scattered her, maybe it hasn’t happened yet. But it will have.

Anyone have any better ideas?

Journey-4Update: According to this interview  I’m right about the possibility of even more Claras. Maybe the finale will ease up on the viewers and put them all in one person…

Update: based on this image, I TOTALLY CALLED IT

Clara becomes bad wolf


6 thoughts on “Clara Oswald=Bad Wolf

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