“Hide,” Love, and the Mystery of Clara the Ghost


imageproxy“This isn’t a ghost story—it’s a love story”

“Everything ends.” “No, not everything. Not love. Not always”


Everything’s a love story on Doctor Who these days. That’s not necessarily bad, as long as it works. Sometimes the romance is weird, as in the case of the monsters in this episode. But it’s still love, and it doesn’t have to end.

This episode actually involved four intersecting love stories, for those keeping score at home: The two guest stars, the two monsters, The Doctor and his TARDIS, and the Doctor and Clara. And it was a great one, full of nice chills and clever twists, with good acting all around.

And let’s not forget, since this blog is all about remembering the ladies: the Doctor was left helpless and had to be saved by the efforts of three women.



But the best scene hands down was when Clara confronted the Doctor about his unfeelingness, about how “we’re all ghosts, to you.” The irony of the scene was clear: Clara is a woman he has actually watched die twice, and buried once. What can she be if not a ghost?

So, somehow, Clara hasn’t ended. She died twice, but she’s still hanging around: she’s the ultimate ghost story.

But it’s not a ghost story—it’s a love story. However Clara keeps coming back, she’s here, and the Doctor rather loves her. Not necessarily romantically, but they’re quite enchanted with each other. And whatever the hell makes Clara keep coming back, it’ll have something to do with love.


4 thoughts on ““Hide,” Love, and the Mystery of Clara the Ghost

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