The Doctor Races up the Side of a Building and Other News

the bells of st johnThe Bells of St. John

I loved this episode. I loved the creepiness of “Don’t click”—who the hell clicks on runes anyway?—I loved the lady villain and the return of Dr. Simian. But most of all, I love Clara Oswin Oswald.

She’s smart, she’s funny, and she never lets the Doctor think he’s the boss. Clara may have been the damsel in distress, but she turned the bad guys plan against them when she used the knowledge they gave her to find them. She’s clearly set to challenge Rory’s death record (I’m counting four in three episodes).

Clara may be flirting like crazy, which I know some people will complain about, but she’s doing it to assert her power over the Doctor. She’s doing it because it makes him uncomfortable, which gives her the upper hand in their relationship. Also, she clearly thinks that hearing him squawk is hilarious.

The version of Clara we meet in this episode obviously has a personality similar to the other two Claras, but the three Claras also have something very cool and very unusual in a companion in common: drive. Clara wants to see the world, and she’s already begun before the Doctor comes into her life. She’s not willing to let him tear her world apart—as far as she’s concerned she’s going to see the universe no matter what, so he can operate on her schedule.

Clara likes the Doctor, but she can see that he needs her a lot more than she needs him. How her attitude will change when she finds out about her other incarnations remains to be seen. But so far we do know one thing: she’s the only person who can make the bells of St. John ring.


4 thoughts on “The Doctor Races up the Side of a Building and Other News

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