Souffle Girl

Clara Oswin Oswald: Time to Find Out Who You Are

That old story, the one that always begins with the same two words? Let’s start it again. And hopefully, for Clara, it’ll be the last time.

As it has been presented so far, Clara’s relationship with the Doctor could easily be called torture. She’s reborn, again and again, for the sole purpose of touching the Doctor’s life. That’s her only reason for existing. In the meantime, she tends to suffer a terrible fate—all of which is on the Doctor.

When seen with the long view, Clara is a person who literally is created only in terms of her relationship to the Doctor. That’s a worse kind of codependency than anyone’s ever thought to write a dumb book about. This is dangerous ground the show is stepping on, and it would be easy for the whole thing to shatter and Clara to become a one-dimensional Doctor-chaser.

But the funny thing is, that’s not what’s happening. At all.

Instead, it’s just possible that Clara is a real match for the Doctor.

In every scene the two are in, Clara’s ultimate control over their relationship is obvious. She doesn’t wait for him like Amy—the second Clara chases him down (twice), and the third Clara tells him when to leave and when to show up. She doesn’t know more than he does, like River—she thinks like him, but she’s just human enough for her to surprise him all the time.

Even the flirting is written in a brilliant way. Amy flirted because it was her natural state, but Clara is flirting because she can see how uncomfortable it makes the Doctor.

But most important of all, Clara doesn’t need the Doctor as much as he needs her. Nothing about Clara is easy, nothing about her makes sense, and nothing works the way he thinks it should—and the Doctor is loving every minute of it.


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