True Blood and its stupid Salome/Lillith plots

Hello, and I’ve hit the point where this Lillith thing is driving me so crazy that I’m going to start these reviews back up.

Firstly, the show is trying to take cheap shots at anti-religiousness by bringing in traditional Christian symbols of dangerous feminine sexuality. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to realize that they’re basically turning super-Christian. You see, ALL THE SUBVERSIVE WOMEN ARE VILLAINS.

They are not only villains, but the femme fatales of this show are bent on making Sookie seem chaste, because they are just throwing their vaginas open for any half-decent reason. Lillith wanders in and “God has beautiful tits.” How are Salome and Lillith turning Bill evil? Tits. Across the divide, how is Bud Dearborn turned evil? Tits.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. None of the women this season can both have sex and not be evil. Feminine sexuality is the demon, the enemy, and the big bad who will have to be defeated at the end of the year.

Oh, and it’s destructive to all the poor menfolk and innocent womenfolk who get caught up in it. In this episode alone, Hoyt, Sam, the entire Shreveport werewolf pack, Sookie, Mac (Don’t bother to tell me her real name—she’ll always be Mac to me) and Eric are threatened by what feminine sexuality is unleashing. Jason/Hoyt and Eric/Bill’s bromances are particularly targeted and threatened as well.

This, on top of an episode in which a sobbing Jessica ignores Kendra’s valid points and turns into a freaking abused girl. For everyone whose boyfriend has threatened her because he loved her, it is not your fault for making him love you.

So, next week we’ll probably have to watch Bill have more weird sex to fuel otherwise completely illogical character transitions (think about it—he has weird sex, he goes all evil—this seems to be his entire character arc for season 3 and 5), and I predict we’ll have at least one rape apology and one incredibly suicidal move from Sookie I-want-to-be-normal-so-I’ll-just-use-up-all-the-magic-standing-between-me-and-certain-death Stackhouse. And probably a threat to the innocent Emma’s sexuality from Salome.

Isn’t this fun?


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