Did you not ask for a man’s head on a platter?

Did you not ask for a man’s head on a platter?

So, episode 3. This is late, but I swear it’s my best yet.

Pam’s coolness continued, and we find out that rather than ritually consenting to her sire-ing she actually forced it. Most people, when they were turned into vampires, did it because they were given little to no choice (Bill, Jessica, Tara) or through some sort of consensual acceptance (Eric and Talbot). Pam brought up the issue, made a decision, and forcefully acted as the writer of her own story.

This episode was just full of women making choices about their stories, from Salome’s double seduction (she gets her own post), to Jessica’s insistence that she and Jason can be friends, to Sookie’s desperate and totally unsuccessful attempts to continue her cover-up. In contrast, other characters like Bill, Eric, Tara, Nora, and Jason are becoming largely defined by their lack of ability to act.

Bill, Eric, and Tara are locked up in cages by people with both good and bad things in mind. Nora is tortured until she breaks (because everyone is honest under torture). Jason’s life, it turns out, was defined when he was raped by a teacher, an act he whose brutal significance he does not even recognize until this point in his life.

Salome’s story about her manipulation by powerful forces into become a symbol she both embraces and rejects can be seen in everyone’s stories this year. The manipulators and the manipulated: the line between them is blurring. Sookie has manipulated everyone around her, looking to shape her world however she wants it to look. Everyone else is ruled by the choices she makes, by her decision to dump them or screw them, by her decision to fire a gun and then hide a body, by her decision to lie or tell the truth, to let others lie to her or force the truth out of them.

The other characters circle around her at a distance, many of them never even talking to or about her. Their lives are shaped by her influence, but other foces are at work. Pam’s act of defiance against Eric has been followed by lifetimes of unswaying devotion. Eric and Bill, once the most powerful vampires on the show, are now at the mercy of an iphone app.

No one can really control their own lives anymore on this show. The decisions they make are not always their own, and the lives they destroy could as easily belong to a loved one as to themselves. How the hell everyone’s going to get out of this in one piece is anyone’s guess.


Bromance, bromance, blah blah blah. Less fun this week than other weeks, although the elevator scene made the episode for me. Also, the eye fucking in that flashback was highly enjoyable.

Lala’s trying to be his “fabulous self” and turning into a weird trippy demon instead, so no help from that quarter.

Stupid Sookie:

And that was the shortest cover-up in the history of completely unnecessary and stupid cover-ups. She practically told Andy she knew everything (you’d think she’d know how to lie convincingly by now) and then she dropped the bomb on Alcide. I hate to tell you Sookie, but not everything is about the feelings you have in your heart about killing people and stuff.


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