A Lady’s True Blood Episode 2

And we’re off to the super-crazy shit! Damn, Meloni is having fun as a wacko vampire kinglike-dude, and we’re having fun watching him. The Authority may be the coolest subculture this show has ever constructed, what with their staid lobbies and intercom systems. Office culture meets politics meets vampires—very cool.

The ladies are certainly getting the better half of the deal in this episode, as each one except Nora seizes power. It’s revealed that the vampiric origin story involves a female as progenitor of their race, and two thirds of the Authority are women as well.

Pam’s backstory is being given (finally), and we see that she was indeed a hooker, and that her accent is affected. Pam was the cool kind of prostitute though, one with a nice brothel and pretty dresses, as well as an impressive backbone. She’s moved a long way from victim to victimizer, and she’s desperate to get back into her position of power, or her relationships with Eric.

Tara turns out to be a completely wild vampire, making Jessica’s early days look stable. She’s under Pam’s control, but no one else can even get near her. Personally, I like her a lot better when she doesn’t have any lines.

Jessica is having fun flaunting her power, throwing keggers and showing off her vampire skills. She kicks Steve Newlin’s ass in more ways than one, in a lovely bit of anti-conservative Christian sentiment. Remember, Jessica’s father was a tyrannical conservative white guy too, and she really enjoys kicking the crap out of anyone like him.


And the bromance continues, as Bill and Eric quite impressively stick their necks out for each other. I sincerely doubt this’ll go totally gay on us, but hey, last time I thought that the season 3 kickoff made me eat my words. Remember that scene? Sam’s porno dream?

Also, Steve Newlin proves to be a lot more comfortable with his vampirism than with his homosexuality. That’s a funny one, isn’t it?

Stupid Sookie:

Surprisingly restrained this episode, Sookie did act bitchy to a guy with a big gun and stake collection. Unwise, but coming from Sookie it was positively sensible.


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