Tyranny of the Petticoat

If you like your fictional women cool, complicated, and interesting, this blog is for you. The dynasty of the dames will be center stage here, as I will be posting reviews of books and television shows at least three times a week from this point on. Any good book, movie, or tv show should be able to stand up to a critical eye examining its gender dynamics, wouldn’t you think?

Why is it such a big deal that a television show is portraying “strong women characters”?  If the show has strong male characters, people just say it has strong characters! Have you been bothered by flippant comments about old books and movies that “it’s just a product of its time”? Have you ever been infuriated when you heard people say that badly written women characters don’t change the quality? Do you completely disagree with everything I’ve just said? Then feel free to argue, counter-analyze, and rage all you like.



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